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    5 Minutes to Fabulous!

    5 Minutes to Fabulous!
    Get the look Blog! Are you ready to glow? Follow our how-to video for a quick and easy look you’ll love!

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    How you can turn ordinary lips into a perfect pout

    How you can turn ordinary lips into a perfect pout

    Luscious, full lips are symbol of sensuality and youthfulness. Many women spend hundreds of dollars on painful, expensive lip injections in the quest for a perfect pout, with results that are often more fish face than fabulous.
    For natural, shapely lips with extra “oomph” there’s no need to needle.

    The Ultimate Pout Volumising Lip Kit features two specially created soft-touch pencils to shape and enhance the lips. One is a strobe highlighter for accentuating the cupid’s bow and creating dimension on the lip itself, while the other is a lip definition pencil for shaping.

    Both are super long wear formulas that set instantly for all day wear. The lipstick is a rich, creamy nude in 5 universal shades that complement every skin tone, from pale to dark. The long-lasting formulation locks in moisture for a silky smooth finish that stays fresh all day. For next level highlight and definition, the signature luminous gloss adds a touch of youthful hydration exactly where you need it.

    To apply, start with the lip definition pencil. Pro tip alert: when applying lip liner, you can work just above the natural lip line, but only in certain areas. Always keep the line inside the borders of your lips at the outer corners.

    For the top lip, as you work up towards the cupid’s bow you can gradually move the lip line outwards so that from about halfway between the outer corners of your mouth and the centre of your lips, the line is placed directly above the natural lip border, never any higher.
    For the lower lip the same rule applies. Start inside the lip borders at the outer corners and move the line slightly outwards as you work towards the centre, so the line extends just above the natural lip border from about halfway to the mid-point. You are trying to create the illusion of a shadow while retaining the natural contours of the lips.

    When applying the lipstick, you want to blend it in with the lip liner to create a natural gradient from the lip borders inwards. The formula can be layered for added intensity, so you can work from sheer to opaque with a single product. To highlight the cupid’s bow above the lip liner, work the strobe highlighter into the high peaks of the cupid’s bow, then down into the ‘V’ in the centre.
    To highlight the lips, use the strobe pencil to draw two little circles on the lips, placing one directly under the lip peak on either side, about the size of your pinky nail.
    For the lower lip, keep the highlighter placement central but go bigger, about the size of your index nail. Apply the gloss in sweeping circles over the areas you have just highlighted. 

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    Get your Chella Look on!

    Get your Chella Look on!

    Want to feel beautiful and confident wearing your favorite makeup products?

    Welcome to the first in our Thin Lizzy "How To Beauty" - Get The Look video series, where we’ll show you how to recreate your favorite looks effortlessly! With our easy to follow demos including makeup artist pro tips, we’ll take the mystery out of applying your makeup flawlessly.

    You're going to LOVE the glowy glamour of our Coachella look! 

    Coachella is the home to glitter, vibrant eyes, out of this world glow and more glitter! The key is to look as bold and vibrant as possible. Step into the world of Coachella with Thin Lizzy. Enjoy!

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